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Are Open Concept Bathrooms a Growing Trend?

The open concept design for homes has undeniably grown over the past decade. What started as a trend among luxury hotels and million-dollar homes has now spread to many modern new construction homes of all sizes. Over the past several years, there seems to be a trend toward more open concept bathrooms, which carries a range of opinions among professional interior designers.  




An overview of open concept bathrooms

An open concept bathroom is an interesting idea that offers various aesthetic and practical benefits. The following is an overview of the open-concept bathroom and a deep look into its growing popularity in recent years. 

What is an open-concept bathroom?

An open concept in interior design is the idea of taking down barriers between rooms with different functions. For example, a living room, kitchen and dining area that does not have walls or doors that separate it would be considered an open concept. An open concept bathroom is the same idea. It is most commonly referred to in terms of the master bedroom, in which the barrier between the bedroom and the bathroom is more open. 

Are they becoming more popular?

There does seem to be an increase in popularity with open-concept bathrooms in residential homes, especially in the master bedroom. However, the trend is somewhat controversial as some prospective homeowners may find having the toilet so open causes aesthetic concerns. Most open-concept bathrooms are not as you might think, however, and they are typically crafted in such a manner to where the bathroom space and the bedroom feel separate, although there is no annoying door and huge wall making the room appear smaller. 

Benefits of an open-concept bathroom

There are many benefits to an open-concept bathroom. They often make the room feel larger as walls take up space and create two small rooms as opposed to one large one. Homeowners can also be more creative with their color scheme as well, and creating a unique color scheme for the bedroom and open-concept bathroom many find very attractive. Also, there are functional benefits, and many find it to be much easier to get ready in the morning with an open concept bathroom in their master bedroom. 

When to consider an open-concept bathroom

Not every home is the same and each homeowner has their own unique tastes as it relates to interior design. With that said, there are times when an open-concept bathroom may be the best option, such as if the homeowner wants a master bedroom that appears larger. Also, people who are busy and have to leave for work early each morning should consider an open concept design as they make it easier to get ready for the day. 

The bottom line

Open-concept bathrooms have continually grown in popularity in the past few years due to the aesthetic advantages they offer and the functional benefits. While everyone may not love the new and somewhat bold trend, many love the idea as it can make a room look larger and makes getting ready in the mornings much easier.


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