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8 Hidden Storage Spaces You Didn’t Know You Had

768px-NMP_1780s_House_interior_Bedroom_1_ClosetIf you are like most homeowners, you have more “stuff”/”things” then you know with what to do.  It’s not uncommon to be bursting at the proverbial seams, especially if you have children, pets, hobbies, collections, etc.  Here are 8 hidden storage spaces you didn’t know you had.

1.  Under the Stairs

The stairwell is a great place to store items that aren’t used very often.  You can create a doorway to keep these items hidden.  Do you have beach gear, outdoor chairs, etc?  This is a great spot for things like this.

2.  Above the Garage Door

The garage is a common place to store your overflow items.  Sometimes these things overtake the garage and your automobiles end up living outside.  Take back your car’s home and store your items at the same time.  Utilize the space above your garage door with shelves.  This will save you a ton of room!

3.  Oven

This sounds like the beginning of a bad wife joke, but it is a viable option especially if you don’t do a lot of baking.  Some empty nesters and single people find eating out easier and more convenient, so this can truly be a way to store those extra items.

4.  Crawl Space

In Middle Tennessee basements are not very common.  Because of that many homeowners forget about the space they have under their houses.  The crawl space offers room for low profile items.  If you choose this option be sure to protect your stored items from the elements.

5.  In the Walls

You’ve seen the spy thriller movies where someone pulls a large painting away from the wall and opens a safe.  This can be reality if you know what you are doing.  You don’t have to have a safe in the wall, but rather it could be a floor to ceiling space for your storage.

6.  More Obvious but Sometimes Forgotten

Here are the places that most of us use, but are sometimes forgotten.  Under the bed, in the attic, and under the couches.  These are great places for books, clothes, toys, etc.

7.  Bathtub

Most bathtubs have a facade around them.  The hollow places around the tub can be used for storing a few items.  Don’t forget that you put things there.

8.  Ceiling Space

I remember as kid going down to my grandparent’s basement and seeing loads of glass jars full of nails, screws, wires etc hanging from the basement ceiling.  Little did I know my grandfather was a progressive thinking, space-saver even back then.  This can be a clever solution for those little knick knacks that you have lying around the house.  Nail the lids to the ceiling then screw and unscrew the jars with your items inside as needed.

Hopefully these ideas will help you free up some space in your house and help you to feel a little less cluttered.


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