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7 Real Estate Apps You Can Use on the NEW iPHone 6!

Apple is at it again.  Just this week they unveiled their new line of products, the iWatch, iPhone 6, and the bigger iPhone 6 Plus.  As always Apple fans will be lining up for miles to be one of the first to get their hands on this new technology.

In addition to all the cool games, high definition cameras, and voice activated tools, here are 7 apps you can us on the new iPhone 6 to get more work done in real estate.

BA II Plus Financial Calculator

When you are on the road or at a showing, often times you’ll need to crunch numbers very quickly.  The BA II Financial Calculator is one of the highest rated tools for this purpose.  No more will you have to tell a client to wait for estimates.







This one is a no brainer when it comes to real estate.  Zillow is a giant in this industry and this app uses your GPS to help find homes for sale or rent based on where you are.

Trulia Search

Trulia like Zillow is another cornerstone in the real estate industry.  Use this app in conjunction with Zillow to help verify real estate listings.






Home Tracker

Home Tracker is a great app to help you stay organized when comparing multiple homes.  This app lets you keep notes and track all the homes you visit.

Agent Feedback

Agents know that keeping up with multiple clients and multiple listings can be mind boggling and confusing.  Agent Feedback allows agents to keep notes on clients.  Tracking tracking feedback and impressions can be huge when trying to find the right fit for a client.






My Realtor Pro

This is another app that is easy to use and allows agents to keep track of all their listings and leads.  Keeping your leads neat and clean will allow you more time to show homes, talk with more clients and sell more homes!


And last but not least is Redfin.  The new Redfin Real Estate app supports a custom Redfin widget on the “Today” screen, allowing you to preview nearby “For Sale” and “Sold” homes without even opening the Redfin App.
There you go.  Try these 7 apps with your real estate business and see how they can help you.  *Note that not all these apps are free.  Even so, the one that are not free don’t cost that much.

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