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7 Moving Tricks That Will Make Your Next Move Easy As Pie

Demenagement_quebec1No one likes moving, and if you do then there’s something wrong with you.  I know a guy who moved four times in one year and I was surprised that he remained married and still was in a sound mind.

Outside of hiring movers, which can be expensive, there’s really no way to avoid the pain of moving.  However, the good news is there are some ways to make the pain seem a little less.

Here are 7 moving tricks that will make your next move easy as pie.

Make Your House Throw Up

There’s no need to move a bunch of things you’ll never use again.  Before you start the moving process, rent a dumpster and move it next to a door or window then chunk junk like there’s no tomorrow.  If you don’t want to throw it away, then donate it and have a local charity come pick it up.

Use Boxes For More Than Storage

Break down your boxes and lay them out on your stairs to create a moving box slide.  Put a mattress at the bottom of the stairs then send your unbreakables on their way down the chute.  This will save you multiple trips up and down the stairs.

Keep Things Together

If you do have the luxury of hiring movers or if you have some really strong people to help, then there’s no need to take everything apart.  Plastic wrap your dressers with the drawers and contents still inside.  Less steps and less assembly in the end makes everyone happier.

Document Everything

In today’s world of technology surplus, wires and plugs are everywhere.  Take a picture of how your products are wired up and you’ll save yourself a ton of time when you get ready to hook them back up.

Keep The Future In Mind

You may have changed your address with the post office, but you’ll still get mail at your old address.  Leave a stack of self-addressed stamped envelopes with the new homeowners and have them forward you any important mail that slips through.  With this in mind make sure you change your address with the core group of people and businesses you work with the most.  Don’t trust the post office to do this for you.

Pack a Move In Box

If you are like most people you won’t be unpacked and settled in your new place the first night.  Pack a move in box that has the essentials such as clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc.  This will be your box that allows you to get settled before you get settled.


This one goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.  Recruit, recruit, recruit!  Get your friends and family to help you make the transition.  Paying for drinks and pizza is a lot less expensive than hiring professional movers.  Set a start and end time and have everything boxed up and ready to go.  If you do this everyone will be happy and you’ll be in your new home before you know it.

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