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6 Reasons Why Santa Claus Should Move From the North Pole to Middle Tennessee

indexIn less than a week the big jolly, white-haired man from the North Pole will be visiting our homes and firesides with lots of presents and cheer. If you have children you know just how exciting Santa’s visit is. Every year, he makes his way down to our neck of the woods and leaves us with lots of memories and good times. However, I got to thinking about all that traveling he does and how taxing it must be on him. So I wondered, what if Santa Claus moved here to Middle Tennessee. Why not, right? I mean, we do have a lot to offer. Here are 6 reasons why I think Santa Claus should move from the North Pole to Middle Tennessee.

1. Weather

Probably the number one reason Santa should move to Middle Tennessee is the weather. Granted we aren’t a Caribbean Island but our average temperature is a lot better than the North Pole and we have four full seasons of weather. Plus how could you not fall in love with the decorative fall foliage in Tennessee. Autumn in Tennessee is a sight to behold.

2. No Income Tax
That’s right, there’s no income tax in Tennessee. A lot of companies move here for that very reason. There aren’t that many states that have a no income tax rule, especially not ones that have geographical advantages like we do. You can get to the gulf coast in seven hours and to Chicago in a little over eight. Of course if you had a flying sleigh it would be even less, hhhhmmmm (cough, cough) Yes, I’m talking to you Santa.

3. Music
While I have no doubt the elves can play some fine music, nothing beats the music scene in Nashville. Santa could take his crew out to Broadway and hit all the honky-tonks after a long day of gift building. What better way to relax and have fun than listening to live music on a Friday night in Nashville.

4. Scenery
From rolling hills and open prairies to towering mountains and glimmering lakes, Tennessee has it all for outdoor lovers. Santa gives off an outdoorsmen vibe, so I have no doubt that he’ll find our lush rolling landscape the perfect backdrop for his daily living.

5. Food
Unless my eyes deceive me, the big man likes his food. If he moved here he would probably be three times as big. We have some of the best cuisine in the country. It’s hard to believe that Santa has a big selection of fine dining at the North Pole. If he moved to Middle Tennessee he could enjoy authentic meat and three dishes, or if he wasn’t into heavy,starchy meals he could pick from world class seafood, Asian, Mexican, or Italian restaurants. We have them all Santa.

6. Real Estate
And last but not least, we’ve got the Real Estate! Now, I haven’t seen Santa’s house before but there’s no way that the North Pole has what we have here in Middle Tennessee. Real estate is hot, hot, hot in this area! If Santa moved here he’d not only have a choice of first rate real estate professionals like we have at Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates, but he’d be living in a house that would be appreciating year after year.

So the choice is obvious Mr. Claus. It’s time for you and Mrs. Claus to pack up your stuff and stay down here when you come by this Christmas Eve.

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