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5 Ways to Keep Cooling Costs Down This Year

Summertime is just around the corner, and it is time to start preparing for the warmer weather. While hot days can be a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, it can put a strain on utility costs, especially if the proper precautions are not in place to keep cooling costs down.

By gaining a full understanding of how to keep cooling costs down, you can avoid paying more than necessary and still be able to stay comfortable while in your home. The following are five useful tips for dealing with warm weather and ensuring they do not lead to hundreds of more dollars in cooling costs each month.

Clean Your A/C Unit

The first and perhaps most effective way to ensure the cooling costs do not raise too high this summer is to clean the A/C unit and ensure everything works efficiently. Of course, cleaning the A/C unit likely requires the help of a professional, although simple tasks such as changing the filter can be done without assistance. There are several tasks that require a professional to properly attend to, however, and it is important to have your A/C unit properly cleaned and checked for any issues each year.

Use Ceiling Fans Often

Ceiling fans are your best friend when warmer weather arrives. While it may not do a whole lot to actually lower the temperature throughout the home, the wind chill ceiling fans provide can make a home feel five to seven degrees cooler, which means you can set the thermostat a few degrees higher and still remain comfortable.

Close The Curtains

The ultimate goal when it comes to keeping cooling costs down is to keep the hot weather out of your home. One of the best and most obvious ways of doing this is to close the curtains, which keeps sunlight – the source of the heat – out of your home. Be sure to invest in high-quality blinds that work well in maintaining the temperature inside the house, regardless of the outdoor temperature, which ultimately results in lower cooling costs.

Cook Outside More

Have you ever noticed the entire house get warmer when cooking? The kitchen can put off a ton of heat and significantly raise the temperature inside the home, especially when cooking during the day. When this occurs, the need for air conditioning becomes more essential, leading to cooling costs becoming higher. By simply making an effort to avoid using the stove as much as possible during the day and cooking outside more often, you can keep your energy bill down this summer.

Only Cool Rooms You Use

One of the most commonly made mistakes among those who complain of increased cooling costs during the summer is keeping every room at an ideal temperature. In many instances, there are rooms inside a home that are rarely, if ever, used, and keeping them cool is not necessary. Be sure to only cool the rooms you and those who live with you use, which should keep cooling costs down this summer.

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