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5 Things Breaking Bad Can Teach You About Selling a Home

indexMillions of people watched the ending of the hit tv show Breaking Bad last fall.  While it’s no longer on the air it continues to thrive in syndication.  The show features the ultimate bad guy Walter White and his on again off again sidekick Jesse.

Walter’s many ups and downs were epic to say the least.  They had us sitting on the edge of our couches and biting our nails like there was no tomorrow.  Although selling a house isn’t anywhere near as scary as Walter’s encounters with the law, here are five lessons we can learn from Breaking Bad when selling a house.

1.  Get A Trusted Agent

In Walter’s case it was called a distributor.  Someone who could put his product out to potential buyers.  First he had Crazy Eight, then Tucco, Jesse for a short while, then Gus.  In the end Walter never had a trusted distributor which inevitably lead to his demise.  Aligning yourself with a trusted agent can save you time and money.   We have those agents ready to help you.

2. Communicate with Your Spouse

Walter and his wife fought like cats and dogs.  Rarely did they see eye to eye on anything, especially once Skyler found out that Walt was a high level meth manufacturer.  When selling a home being on the same page with your spouse is a huge advantage.  Having an open line of communication with your spouse about the deal well help you in the long run.

3.  Don’t Be Greedy

When selling a home you always want to sell at the highest point possible.  In Breaking Bad, Walter fell head first into the trap of greed.  He never could see plainly from all the money he was making.  It was never enough for him.  He had to have more and more.  Instead of giving up while he was ahead, he keep going and it eventually caught up to him.  You can ask for a fair price, but don’t let the dollar signs wreck your deal.

4.  Be Ready

Often times Walt had to make deals happen at the drop of a hat.  There was no time to waste.  When selling your house, you should also be ready to make the deal happen.  That means keeping your house in order and having it ready for potential buyers to stop in at anytime.

5.  Present Your Best

Walter’s calling card was his excellence in manufacturing.  He was able to become a king pin because he produced the best product on the market.  Buyers were lined up from block to block ready to buy what he had.  Regardless of where you live or what kind of house you have, put your best foot forward.  This means fixing broken shutters, freshening up the paint on your gutters, walls, and ceilings, replace broken windows, etc.  All these little things add up when it comes to selling your home.

Do these five things and you too could have the type of success that Walter White had in Breaking Bad.  Chances are your situation will end up better than his.


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