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5 Staging Tips to Help Sell Your House

If you love interior design, then staging a home is probably a very exciting time for you. Before diving in, it is helpful to have a plan of attack to ensure prospective buyers find your home attractive and something they can see themselves living in. 





Home staging tips to consider

Although each home is unique, there are certain things every homeowner can do to stage his or her home properly before listing it and showing it to prospective buyers. The following are five effective home staging tips to consider when decorating your house to show either at an open house or individually.

Only stage the necessities

Many homeowners have a ton of ideas when it comes to staging their home before showing it to prospective buyers. However, it is often more effective to only stage the necessities, such as living room furniture, etc. Other items, especially larger furniture pieces, may not add much value and take up space. A room with a more minimalist approach tends to look larger and allows for more creativity in the mind of prospective buyers. 

Let the light shine inside

Every home has a certain feel or vibe to it, and a home that has light colors and allows for natural sunlight often promotes being in a better attitude and feeling more vibrant, which is exactly how you want people you show the home to feel. To achieve this, consider opening up the blinds and letting natural light through the windows. While a paint job is often not necessary, choosing a lighter color for the walls may help achieve a more pleasant feel to the home. 

Store away personal items

A common mistake many make when staging a home for the first time is placing or leaving up too many personal items, such as family photos, personal calendars on the fridge, etc. While a strategically placed personal item may be acceptable, it is often best to remove personal items and allow the visitor to imagine their own way of decorating the home with personal items. 

Clean up the exterior 

The interior of the home gets a lot of focus when it comes to staging a home, but the exterior of the home is the first thing visitors will see. To make a great first impression, be sure to clean up the driveway and yard the best you can, removing any leaves or loose debris from the driveway, trimming overgrown bushes, cutting the grass, etc. 

Consider furniture arrangement

It is important to choose the items you stage your home with wisely, leaving out unnecessary items that take up too much space. Additionally, consider the way the furniture is arranged, and try and arrange in a manner that makes each room look as large as possible.

The bottom line

Staging is fun and it is okay to take small risks and make bold choices. Be sure to have a good time and be confident with your final staging decisions, while also considering the aforementioned six staging tips in the decision making process.

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