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    5 Luxurious Amenities for Your New Home

    So you’re ready to build your dream home.  You’ve reach the place in life where you want to build a house that will suit all your hopes and dreams.  This is a time when you think long and hard about all the things you want and don’t want in your house.  This project will become one of the biggest of your life, because it’s simply where you’ll be for a long, long time.  To get the most out of this dream, consider these five luxurious amenities that will not only impress others, but keep you happy year after year.

    Open Spaces

    Gone are the days of sectioned off rooms and walls everywhere you turn.  Today’s modern home uses space wisely and efficiently.   With an open space design your home feels much larger.  You can build a smaller home and still feel like you live in a mansion.  Here’s an example of an open space room.






    Home Theater

    Forget paying $15 for a movie ticket and $10 for a bucket of popcorn.  Today’s media buff, walks down the hallway to their own custom theater for media entertainment.  No longer do you have to cope with sticky floors and ringing cellphones from rude patrons.  You can sit at home and enjoy theatrical cinema in high definition with all the snacks and bathroom breaks you desire.






    Outdoor Living

    Today’s modern home makes the most of outdoor living spaces.  In areas like Middle Tennessee the weather outside is bearable at least 9 or 10 months out of the year.  Pool parties, football tailgating sessions, or family BBQ’s can all be enjoyed with outdoor living spaces like this.   Not only do these modern spaces include relaxing furniture, but tvs, fireplaces, built in stoves, etc round out the amenities for outdoor enjoyment.






    Smart Technology

    Taking control of your home remotely is the new wave of technology available to the modern home owner.  Now you can control deadbolt locks, thermostats, garage doors, appliances, etc all from the smartphone in your pocket.  You’ll never have to worry again if you forgot to close the garage door or locked the front door.






    Green Living

    Green living is one of the hottest trends in new homes today.  Everything such as materials, paints, windows, floorings, windows, countertops,  plumbing and electrical are all apart of consideration when building a green home.  Not only will your home be environmentally friendly, but you’ll notice a decrease in energy costs.


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