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4 Unique Things That Add Character to Your Home

If you find yourself in a “cookie-cutter” home that looks and feels just like your neighbors, you may be looking for ways to personalize your home and make it a little more special. If you’re considering a renovation – big or small – to make your home more your own, consider these four unique amenities that can add character to your home.

1) A Scullery

Traditionally, the scullery was a room at the back of the house used for washing dishes. It was located there because it was closer to the water source–most likely a public fountain or a well–which was used to wash the dishes. The term has made its way back into our vocabulary in more recent years as people doing major renovations or building custom homes have been adding on hidden sculleries, or prep kitchens, for their entertaining purposes. The scullery could include an extra refrigerator, prep space, dish storage and even a laundry area, all hidden from sight! The scullery can be a small nook or an entire large room behind the kitchen and can be customized to your liking and your needs.

2) Antique Architectural Salvage

Even a new house doesn’t have to use all new elements. Look for antique pieces that you love that can make your home feel one-of-a-kind. For example, old front doors could become sliding pocket doors leading to your bathroom. Old corbels can be used in new fun ways throughout your home and stained glass windows can add warmth and beauty when used as a transom window. Try to find new and unique ways to use these beautiful old relics.

3) A Guest Room Suite

To make your guests feel more comfortable, add a kitchenette and/or laundry room in the guest room. Guests will love being able to make their morning coffee and nightly tea in the comfort of their own room as well as the ability to do their own laundry during longer stays. Of course you sometimes may not want to make your guests TOO comfortable or they may never leave!

4) Hidden Toy Closets

Hidden toy closets, or “doll closets” can be hidden in nooks under the stairs or off of other closets. Not only will your kids think hidden and secret nooks are the most fun ever, you’ll also enjoy that they are functional and serve a great purpose. These small toy closets can keep unsightly toys and games hidden away while also giving your small kids a place of their own.

If you were making changes to your home, what amenities would you add?

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