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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Summer brings scorching heat and can make your home less comfortable. Often, your home’s cooling system can have a hard time keeping up with the set temperature and the energy costs can skyrocket. The good news is there are ways to lower your home energy costs and keep your home cool in the summer. 

How to keep your home cool in the summer

You can help keep your home cool without constantly running your home’s cooling system by keeping the blinds and curtains closed, closing off rooms that are not regularly used, adjusting your ceiling fans and limiting heat that comes from the kitchen. Another bonus tip that is not discussed below is to ensure you do not have any openings in your home’s foundation or windows. 

Keep blinds and curtains closed

Keeping the blinds and curtains shut on hot days can reduce the amount of heat that enters your home from the sunlight. The quality of the curtains can also impact the temperature in your home. The best way to keep your home cool in the summer is to invest in block-out curtains that are designed to prevent sunlight and heat from getting through. This can also protect your furniture from damage and early fading caused by UV rays as well.  

Close rooms that are not used regularly

Leaving your home completely open means more area that you have to keep cool. You can reduce this area by closing rooms that you do not typically use, such as the guest bedroom, storage rooms, etc. Be sure to shut the vents in this room. This in essence makes your home smaller and means less of your home must be temperature controlled, which, in return, can lower your monthly energy costs. 

Adjust your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise

You can also adjust your ceiling fans counterclockwise to reduce heat circulation in your home. In the cooler months, fans are a great way at pushing around cool air and keeping the home feeling good. By reversing the ceiling fans, you ideally want to push the air straight down to increase air circulation as much as possible and reduce the stuffy, warm feeling that can otherwise result. This may not reduce the temperature in your home, but it can help it feel cooler without the need of lowering the thermostat. 

Limit heat from the kitchen as much as possible

Cooking outdoors is another great way to keep your home cool in the summer. Of course, the best way to do this is to use your outdoor grill more in the Summer. You can also order food on warmer days as well. If you use your kitchen, consider using vents, fans, and opening windows to keep the kitchen (and the rest of the home) cool. 

Final thoughts

Every home is unique. While these four tips to keep your home cool in the summer are likely to work, be sure to find what works best for your home. By taking the time to implement these tips, you can feel more comfortable indoors and reduce your energy costs in the summer.

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