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4 Things Can Teach Us About Selling Homes

Twitch_official_logoIf you haven’t heard the shocking and somewhat unrealistic news this week about then read on, because you are about to.

Many of you probably never heard of  If you have then you are into video games. is the latest internet site that sold out to an online giant for an obscene amount of money.  We are talking about the kind of obscene that makes you look away because you can’t take it anymore.  How obscene?  Try $970 million in CASH obscene!  That’s right, bought this week for that much money.  This is the best part. is a site where video gamers live stream themselves playing video games so other people can watch.  I mean, who goes online to watch other people play video games?  Apparently millions of people do, and that’s why the guys are partying it up on a private jet on the way to some exotic island with their friends and family.

So what does this have to do with selling a home?

Here are 4 Lessons We Can Learn from When It Comes to Selling a Home

Easy Access is easy to consume.  You don’t have to pay for a membership and you can basically log on and start clicking away to watch your favorite games being played.  When it comes to selling your home, make it easy for consumers to find you and visit you.  This includes a comprehensive marketing plan, that your agent can help you with, as well as keeping your home available for showing with a short notice of time.

Build a Following

If realtors know one thing it’s building a database of contacts.  You never know who is in the market to buy and who knows someone who is in the market to buy.  For this very reason, it’s to your advantage to side with an experienced realtor.  A seasoned realtor will have a list of buyers they can contact when your house goes on the market.  This alone is worth the commission that is paid to the realtor.

Keep Them There

Probably the main reason sold for so much money is because of the amount of time visitors spent on the site.  They spent a LONG time on the site and this means a big opportunity for advertisers.  If you want to sell your home, get the potential buyers there and then keep them there.  Maybe this means a meet and greet or a reception with finger snacks, etc.  The longer you can keep them there the better chance you’ll have of selling to them.  Have them relax on the patio or have an entertaining movie, game, or show on the tv in the bonus room.  Let them experience the home and before you know it, you’ll be getting an offer.

Keep Them Coming Back

In this current market you shouldn’t have to do this part, but if your home isn’t selling right away find a way to get potential buyers back for a second look.  The reason for this is familiarity and comfort.  How many times do you go on vacation and end of staying in the same place, eating at the same places, and shopping at the same places?  This is human nature.  We tend to repeat our actions because it makes us feelcomfortable.  If you can get a potential buyer to come back two or three times you have a huge advantage when it comes to selling the home to them.


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