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4 Preparations You Need to Take to Sell Your Home in 2018

Are you thinking of selling your home in 2018? Whether you’re considering selling in early 2018 or just tossing around the option for later in the year, you can start preparing now! Here are four preparations you can take now in order to sell your home in the new year:
1) Talk to a real estate agent. It’s never too early in the process to begin working with a real estate agent! He or she can help you think through the best time to sell your home as well as the exact steps you need to take. Thinking of trying to sell on your own? You may want to think again. Study after study has shown that using a realtor saves you both time and money. Realtors know the market the best and can price and market your home properly to ensure that you get the best price and the best offer available to you!

2) Increase your curb appeal. Don’t wait until the week before your house goes on the market to start working on your home’s curb appeal. Your yard is just one of those things that can’t be rushed! It’s cold outside right now, but start making a list of all the outside “to dos” you need to tackle once it warms up a little. Consider if beds need to be redefined, bushes need to be removed and replanted or driveways and sidewalks need to be resealed, just to name a few.

3) Make inexpensive upgrades. A few new fixtures and a little paint can make a big difference! This isn’t the time to think major remodels, but rather what can you upgrade in your home for less than $100? Maybe it’s upgrading the bathroom faucets or the front door knob. Little fixes can make a big difference when it comes to aesthetics!

4) Declutter, depersonalize and deep clean. Especially around the holidays, your house can become a dumping ground for clutter. Start decluttering your house now and hauling off the excess to a consignment store or a local non-profit. You can also start to depersonalize your house by taking down excess framed photos or other items that will need to be packed up and stored when you start to show your house. And consider doing a deep clean to kick off the year! You’ll feel better about the state of your home while also being in good shape when you decide to list your house for sale.

Are you considering selling your home in 2018? What will you do first to get ready?

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