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4 Design Hacks to Give You More Space

You do not have to purchase a bigger home if you want your home to look and feel more spacious. Instead, there are effective and easy design hacks that can give you more space inside of your living room, kitchen, bedrooms and more. By making minor changes to the way you design the rooms inside of your home, you can save money and still enjoy the same luxury of having more space inside of your home. Try these four useful design hacks if you feel your house is too cluttered and needs more space. 


Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors are one of the most common ways in which interior designers create the illusion of more space inside the room. This is because mirrors can reflect light around the room if they are properly placed. They also provide a feeling of more depth inside of a room due to the reflection. However, mirrors are only useful if they are placed in the right area of the room. It is best to place mirrors in an area where they reflect the more spacious and less cluttered areas of the room, rather than being stuck in the corner where the impact on creating more space is minimal. 

Plan Your Storage Strategically

Every homeowner has a tendency to hold on to furniture, decor pieces and other items around the home for too long. Too many items inside the home can make the home feel cluttered. To prevent this, consider storing items that you do not need and decluttering your home. There are many ways to doing this. Of course, you can use the attic, corner of the garage and other less viewed places of your home. For items that you use more often that need storage — such as shoes — creating a well-organized storage space underneath your bed or inside of your closet can also help. 

Use Your Walls to Create Space

The focus on space is typically tailored towards how much square footage the home has. However, many underutilize the power of walls to create more space. Using the walls more for placing and storing items is one of the best ways to create additional space inside of your home. For example, instead of adding a lamp near your living room couch that takes up space, consider adding a wall lamp or adding extra or improved light fixtures

Think Outside The Box

Every home is unique, and each homeowner should work with what they have available. With a little creativity, creating extra space is always possible. Other useful design hacks for more space may include installing a retractable bed, using curtains to hide storage spaces and removing doors and walls inside of your home. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to create space for practical reasons such as storing items you do not need or simply want to declutter your home, trying these four hacks is a great way to create more space. Keep in mind your home is unique from all others, so do not be afraid to try new and bold ideas.

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