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3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Storage


Seemingly not having enough indoor storage space can be frustrating. To make matters worse, not being able to find what you need in storage when you need it can is often an issue for many homeowners as well. However, there are ways to improve your indoor storage space and make the process of storing and retrieving items much easier.


How to Improve Your Indoor Storage

By learning more about successful strategies for organizing and accessing your indoor storage space, you make packing and getting out what you need a breeze. The following are three useful tips for improving the way your indoor storage space is arranged.

Decide what you need

The first step you should take when placing items into storage is deciding what you need, what you might need at a later time and what you should probably either sell or throw out. One of the biggest issues individuals have when it comes to indoor storage is holding onto too many items, rather than taking the time to determine what is necessary. After you make a decision on what you should keep, you can then get rid of the non-essentials, either by donating the items, holding a yard sale or simply throwing items with no value for anyone away.

Stay organized

Once you are left with the items that are necessary for storage, it is time to prepare them for indoor storage. Be sure to take your time with this process and stay organized. The best way to ensure you stay organized is to group items together and place them in labeled boxes, which allows you to easily retrieve the items you need when you are ready for them. Additionally, by boxing up the items – and possibly even wrapping them in safe material – you can preserve them and ensure they remain safe from damage over time.

Leave extra space

As you are packing up the boxes into your indoor storage area, be sure to consider how you are going to access them once you need them again. A common mistake made by many is not leaving enough extra space to get to items farther back into storage, which leads many to remove boxes one at a time when they need to reach a certain box farther back. Instead, strategically arrange the storage and be sure to leave a walking lane to the back of the storage unit so you can always get to what you need quickly.

The Bottom Line

Every person should have their own strategy for indoor storage. However, by only keeping the items that are important to you or serve a purpose, organizing the storage unit, packing the items in labeled boxes and leaving extra space to easily access what you need, you should be able to keep a tidy, safe and organized indoor storage area at all times. Packing up items and taking out what you need does not have to be difficult, and while it may require more work upfront, taking the time to do a good job initially can save you a lot of headaches later.

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