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3 Unique Grilling Ideas for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us, which means it is time to clean the grill, buy some fresh food, and invite your family and friends over for some delicious grilling and fun times. Of course, your guests are most likely expecting the traditional hamburger and hot dog combo with perhaps a side of baked beans, but you can surprise them with some delicious and unique grilling ideas for Memorial Day. 

3 Unique Memorial Day Grilling Ideas

Whether you steal these three recipes for Memorial Day grilling or not, the hope is to get your creativity flowing as you come up with the perfect recipes for the weekend. However, our recommendations include classic grilled oysters, bacon-stuffed shrimp burgers, and Memphis BBQ pulled pork nachos. 

Classic Grilled Oysters

Grilled oysters are an intriguing seafood dish to add to your Memorial Day menu. This recipe by the Washington Post includes grilled oysters that are made even more delicious with a buttery garlic sauce, which is the perfect compliment to just about any grilled dish you can think of. The tools you will need for this recipe include a shucking knife for the oysters and thick gloves, along with long-handled tongs and a long-handled ladle (for the sauce). You cook the oysters on your preheated grill and watch closely to see when they are done. Small oysters may only take a few minutes, whereas large oysters can take longer. You can then add the sauce and serve. You can find the entire recipe here

Bacon-stuffed Shrimp Burgers

We will leave the traditional grilled burgers up to you. Instead, we offer you a more creative twist to the traditional Memorial Day cheeseburger — Bacon-stuffed Shrimp Burgers. This recipe provided by the Washington Post includes shrimp, horseradish, egg, scallions, hot sauce, bacon, lightly toasted french bread. You can serve with lettuce and tomato as well. Of course, you can add or take out ingredients as you desire. This unique alternative to the traditional cheeseburger on Memorial Day is a great way to implement seafood in a creative way on Memorial Day. 

Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos

One way to ensure your grilling party is a big hit is to add barbeque. Instead of offering the traditional grilled chicken thighs, ribs, etc., you can add some creativity to your barbeque by offering Memphis BBQ pulled pork nachos, such as this dish by Lydi Out Loud. This is perfect particularly for those in Tennessee who want more of a local recipe on the grill menu. You can also try their Texas Style BBQ Beef Brisket Tacos, Kansas City Smoked BBQ Chicken Salad or Carolina Style Grilled BBQ Bacon Wrap Shrimp. 

Final thoughts

The key is to find creative dishes that match your grilling experience and skill level. Of course, grilled oysters are a little more complex than Memphis BBQ pulled pork nachos, so determining what works for you and what your guests will enjoy and appreciate the most is important to ensuring a successful grilling experience for Memorial Day.

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