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3 Modern Fence Designs

A beautiful and modern fence is a great way to improve the aesthetic curbside appeal of your property. Unfortunately, many assume installing a new fence is either too expensive or too difficult to do. Although certain steps may require some professional assistance (depending on your DIY ability and available time), there are beautiful modern fence designs that are relatively easy to implement. 




The transformation in fence designs

The classic wooden fence can still be an attractive option even in 2020, but there are more innovative fence ideas that are certainly gaining popularity as well. Namely, bamboo fences, concrete fences and repurposed fences are becoming more attractive among homeowners. The following is an overview of each one, including insights into how to choose the best option for your home. 

Bamboo fence

A bamboo fence is a fantastic option for homeowners who want an innovative fence design that stands out from other homes in the neighborhood. Most bamboo fence designs involve a stained wood in between each section of bamboo, which provides a durable, weather-resistant hold to the fence. The bamboo is lightweight and lets some light through, which helps in avoiding dark shadows around your fence. It is a great option for plant owners who want an attractive barrier around their plants. 

Concrete fence

A concrete fence is perhaps more complicated and expensive to implement, but it can be an attractive and practical solution for homeowners. Most concrete fence designs are built with a solid concrete slab and concrete panels, allowing for gaps between each panel. The gaps give a more attractive appearance while also allowing sunlight to shine through. The drawback to a concrete fence is it will require professional help, but they can last much longer than bamboo, wood or vinyl fencing. 

Repurposed fence

As mentioned, the wood fence is certainly still in style. However, new wood that is painted is more commonplace, whereas a repurposed fence can give your home a unique appeal. A repurposed fence utilizes used wood in a strategic fashion to offer a more rustic look, and it typically is better left unpainted due to its pleasing natural color. This is also the most affordable option of the three mentioned, and DIY homeowners can carry out the project themselves if they prefer not to seek professional assistance. 

How to decide the best option

The best modern fence design is up to your own personal preference and situation. If you are on a limited budget and need a more affordable and creative approach, then a repurposed wood fence is a great option.


For those who want a reliable fence that is harder to get through and is willing to pay extra, a solid concrete fence may work best. A bamboo fence is perhaps the most unique style, and it adds practical benefits such as allowing for extra sunlight, which is helpful for homeowners who have a garden near the fence. Regardless of your preference, all three should work well for those who are looking to renovate their fence. 


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