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22 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your House 

No matter if and when you choose to sell your home, you’ll want to ensure that you make money on the sale. To do this, consider these ways to get more value out of your house:

1) Ask a professional for help. A professional designer or landscaper can give you invaluable advice to help you know where to best start on your home.

2) Hire an inspector. Do this especially if you plan to sell your home soon so you know what you need to fix before a buyer is involved.

3) Paint. Fresh paint in your home instantly updates the feel of the entire home.

4) Do an energy audit. Many utility companies will do free audits on your home to let you know if there are any changes you can make to save money.

5) Plant trees. Shade from trees can lower your energy bills and increase the curb appeal of your home.

6) Switch to a tankless water heater. The upfront cost may seem high, but going tankless can cut energy costs and be more appealing to future buyers.

7) Test your indoor air quality. Work to reduce pollutants in your air if your results are less than favorable.

8) Get rid of the popcorn ceilings. The 1980s will officially exit your home after smoothing any ceilings that got a little texture a few decades ago.

9) Fill in your patchy lawn. Aerate and plant grass seed to fill in any patchy places on your lawn.

10) Hire a cleaning service. Stay on top of cleaning your home to reduce permanent stains.

11) Upgrade your lighting. Remove all the dated fixtures in your home and replace with timeless classics.

12) Paint your baseboards. Give them a facelift with by filling in the dents and painting them in glossy white.

13) Add energy-efficient bulbs. New bulbs can brighten your home while also saving money over time.

14) Add smart home features. You can upgrade your thermometer, doorbell, alarm system, garage door and more to be controlled from your smartphone.

15) Put your money where it makes sense. The kitchen and bathrooms are always good choices for the best return on your investment.

16) Replace worn carpets. They can date the house and add unneeded allergens to the air.

17) Do regular maintenance. Fix things as they happen so that small problems don’t turn into large ones down the road.

18) Plan carefully. Whenever you do a renovation or repair, make sure that it will enhance the home and increase value.

19) Add shrubbery and flowers. Curb appeal always adds value to a home.

20) Replace your front door. Studies consistently show that the best return on investment for a home is a new front door.

21) Get rid of outdated wallpaper. Peel it off and repaint or add new classic wallpaper – especially to small spaces.

22) Be budget conscious. Always stick to your budget so you’ll have money in the bank for unexpected expenses and repairs.

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