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Monthly Archives: March 2020

    How to Determine Security Deposits for Your Rental Property

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 30, 2020

    One of the hardest jobs for rental property owners to do is determine how much they should charge for the security deposit. The security deposit is an essential component to being a landlord, and it protects the property owner from any damage the tenant may cause while they are the resident.  How to determine security... Read More

    Ways to Modernize the Lighting in Your Home

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 23, 2020

    The lighting in a home can play a major factor in how attractive the house looks and how comfortable it feels for the people that live there. Over the years, interior lighting has evolved, and there are now some really interesting lighting options that you should consider adding to your home in 2020.  4 ways... Read More

    How Curb Appeal Affects Your Home Value

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 11, 2020

    Many who are selling a home make the common mistake of neglecting curb appeal, thinking that it will not affect the appraised value of the home. However, there are many tasks you can perform to get your home ready to sell that both increases the appraised value as well as the ability to catch the... Read More

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