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Monthly Archives: September 2019

    The Average Cost of Popular Home Renovations

    By Cindy Hamilton | September 26, 2019

    A home renovation can be incredibly beneficial, improving the overall value of your home while at the same time making it far more comfortable to live in. Unfortunately, all too many fail to follow throughout on the home renovation tasks they desire out of fear that it is too costly or requires too much work... Read More

    3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Storage

    By Cindy Hamilton | September 18, 2019

      Seemingly not having enough indoor storage space can be frustrating. To make matters worse, not being able to find what you need in storage when you need it can is often an issue for many homeowners as well. However, there are ways to improve your indoor storage space and make the process of storing... Read More

    How Much Do Windows Really Save on Your Utility Bills

    By Cindy Hamilton | September 11, 2019

    Your home windows can have a significant impact on the cost of your utility bills each month. It is helpful to understand the benefits of new windows and to determine whether or not they pay for themselves in the long run when making the decision as to whether purchasing new windows is a good idea. ... Read More

    What the Home of Tomorrow Will Look Like

    By Cindy Hamilton | September 2, 2019

    The world as we know it is changing right before our eyes and the way we do things and the way we live is evolving at a rapid pace. Many know this, of course, and it leads many to wonder what new construction and renovated homes might look like in twenty, thirty or even fifty... Read More

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