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Monthly Archives: June 2017

    What to Do if the Seller Backs Out of a Home Purchase

    By Cindy Hamilton | June 30, 2017

    When you’re buying a home you put down earnest money that assures the seller that you will purchase their house. If you back out of the agreement after the contract has been signed for reasons other than those stated in the contract, you’ll lose your earnest money to the sellers who will collect it in... Read More

    22 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your House 

    By Cindy Hamilton | June 27, 2017

    No matter if and when you choose to sell your home, you’ll want to ensure that you make money on the sale. To do this, consider these ways to get more value out of your house: 1) Ask a professional for help. A professional designer or landscaper can give you invaluable advice to help you... Read More

    How to Protect Your Home While on Summer Vacation

    By Cindy Hamilton | June 17, 2017

     Summer vacations often take us away from our homes for extended periods of time, leaving them vulnerable to any number of catastrophic events while we’re gone. To ensure that your home will be found just as you left it, take some time to set up these preventative measures before you leave town on your next... Read More

    June is National Home Ownership Month 

    By Cindy Hamilton | June 13, 2017

    You may or may not know that June is National Home Ownership Month, a time to celebrate the joys of home ownership, reflect on the obstacles that some have to overcome in order to become home owners, and encourage others that the dream of home ownership is possible for everyone! We asked some homeowners what... Read More

    Best Tips for Keeping Weeds Out of Your Yard

    By Cindy Hamilton | June 1, 2017

    It’s the time of the year when grass is usually the greenest – when spring showers are still providing ample water and before summer temperatures have turned our yards into a sea of dried up brown straw. Unfortunately, you may also be noticing something green besides just grass: WEEDS. Not only are weeds unfortunate to... Read More

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