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Monthly Archives: January 2017

    What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Drinking Water

    By Cindy Hamilton | January 27, 2017

    Do you know what you’re drinking on a daily basis and if it is safe for you and your family? Here are some facts every homeowner should know about his or her drinking water: – Congress passed The Safe Drinking Act in 1974 in order to regulate drinking water systems to ensure that they are... Read More

    5 Things Homeowners Should Stop Doing If They Want to Resell Their House

    By Cindy Hamilton | January 22, 2017

    A lot of your home’s value can be retained just by taking care of the small things. It won’t matter if you have a beautifully renvated chef’s kitchen if your house has a lingering odor. And no one may even enter your beautifully decorated home if its curb appeal is appalling. So if you want... Read More

    Easy Ways to Protect Your Pipes This Winter

    By Cindy Hamilton | January 13, 2017

    Burst pipes can be a painfully expensive and messy event that you should try at all costs to avoid, especially because the steps to prevent them are so simple. A burst pipe can cause catastrophic water damage to your home that can take months to repair and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to remedy.... Read More

    How Will Home Values Fare in 2017?

    By Cindy Hamilton | January 9, 2017

    The real estate market has been climbing for several years now, and our area – Nashville and its surrounding markets – is especially hot. But what can we expect from 2017 and beyond? How will home values fair for the foreseeable future? We’ve done the research and analyzed the variable to get all the answers... Read More

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