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Monthly Archives: August 2015

    Is That Mold in Your House!?!?

    By Cindy Hamilton | August 28, 2015

    Mold – it is the four letter word that makes every homeowner’s heart skip a beat and not in a good way.  Do you remember the episode of  “The King of Queens” where Doug found mold all over their basement, but he wanted to keep it hidden from his wife until they got back from... Read More

    Interest Rates Are Going Up – Time to Make a Decision

    By Cindy Hamilton | August 20, 2015

    You may or may not have noticed but interest rates are on the rise.  We have been in a low interest rate pattern for so long that there’s really no where to go but up.  It’s been a whopping seven plus years that rates have been at historical lows.  While the party isn’t over yet,... Read More

    How To Not Get Sucker Punched Like the NY Jets QB, When It Comes to Buying a Home

    By Cindy Hamilton | August 14, 2015

    In case you haven’t heard, the NY Jets lost their starting quarterback, Geno Smith, for 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw because a teammate sucker punched him in the locker room after practice.  Pretty hard to believe that teammates would deliberately inflict harm on one another, but that is exactly what happened. Can you imagine... Read More

    What Would You Put In Your Dream Home

    By Cindy Hamilton | August 7, 2015

    Have you ever watched a home improvement show on tv and been inspired to upgrade your existing home or buy a new home?  There are definitely some creative and innovative ideas floating around out there when it comes to customizing a home.  From hidden staircases to outdoor offices, there are a million ways to make... Read More

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