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Monthly Archives: March 2015

    If You Are Selling Your Home, Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 27, 2015

    Everyday we help people all over Middle Tennessee buy and sell homes.  We have the privilege to educate these buyers and sellers on best practices when it comes to positioning themselves to make a deal.  Unfortunately when it comes to selling a home, we’ve seen far too many sellers do things that end up costing... Read More

    What Type of Flooring is Right For Your Home?

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 19, 2015

    If you are like most modern home owners, you desire a flooring that is pleasing to the eye, something that holds its value, and a floor that is easy to maintain.  Most people settle on a varying hardwood or a hardwood laminate.  While these are popular choices, you may not realize there are unique flooring... Read More

    Don’t Be Fooled By Rental Property Scams

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 13, 2015

    As long as there’s been commerce in this world, there’s been scammers. Unfortunately all the information and technology we have today doesn’t keep them from doing their nefarious deeds. One such scam in the real estate world, is the rental property scam. Every day there are unsuspecting people falling prey to these unthinkable acts. Here... Read More

    Will Interest Rates Rise in 2015 – If So, By How Much?

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 5, 2015

    If you’ve borrowed money over the past few years, you’ve been a part history that might not be repeated again. Since the housing collapse of 2008, interest rates have been so low you’d have to squint in order to see them. It has now been seven years since the infamous collapse and we as a... Read More

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