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10 Ways an Experienced Realtor Can Help You Get the Most Money for Your House

Sometimes sellers can balk at paying an “expensive” realtor to sell their home but study after study has shown that realtors not only pay for their costs in how much they save but can also help you get even more money for your home! Here are a few reasons why:

1) Realtors know the market. They will know about recent sales, new schools and any other information that will help you to sell your home quickly to the right people.

2) Realtors use the Multiple Listing Service database to list your home. The MLS is the place that buyers go to find homes and only real estate agents are able to post homes for sale on the MLS.

3) Realtors have wide networks to find buyers. An experienced and respected real estate agent will be able to proactively find buyers for your home, not just sit back and let buyers come to you.

4) Realtors can expertly answer questions about any problems, potentially saving a sale before it goes bad. This can often save a home sale with their experience and knowledge.

5) Realtors negotiate to get you the best price and terms on your home sale. Negotiating a home sale is an art and a good realtor knows exactly how to do it to ensure that you get the best price and the best terms available.

6) Realtors can effectively market homes and have lots of experience doing so. If you’re a novice to selling your home, you may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on ineffective and costly marketing in an effort to sell your home.

7) Realtors have tools and experience that allow them to accurately price your home the first time based on competitive sales information. People selling their home by owner tend to overprice their home, driving away potential buyers before they even ever step foot inside it.

8) Realtors keep homes from languishing on the market. The longer a home sits, it typically means it will sell for a lower price.

9) Realtors can be a neutral middleman for transactions. Even if the deal becomes heated, a realtor can make sure the deal stays together.

10) Realtors can help explain complicated real estate contracts. This can mean that you won’t get tripped up and end up signing something that you will regret later!

Remember that experienced realtors are worth every penny – and more! Contact any one of our great realtors to help with the sale of your home!

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