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10 Things About Halloween You Probably Didn’t Know

Halloween is one of the more exciting holidays of the year, especially for kids. Just think about it, an entire night of nothing but dressing up as your favorite character and receiving free candy – what an amazing idea! However, there is probably a lot you didn’t know about the exhilarating holiday.

Trick or treat began in the 1920s

Although Halloween has been around for centuries, the idea of trick or treat has only been around for the past 100 years. The very first trick or treat is believed to have taken place in the 1920s, and it didn’t become mainstream in America until the 1950s.

Halloween has been around for centuries

Halloween is very popular in American culture, but it was actually originated many centuries ago. The tradition has been passed down through various societies, from the Celtics, to the Egyptians and into where we are today.

Mexico has their own version of Halloween

Mexican culture does not celebrate Halloween, but they celebrate the day of the dead, which is similar. The day of the dead is a holiday to celebrate those who have past, often consisting of visiting and decorating graveyards of relatives.

Parents enjoy Halloween also

Halloween isn’t just for the kids; adults can benefit from the Halloween experience also. More than 90% of parents admit to sneaking their children’s candy, although the actual percentage may be closer to one hundred.

Costumes are all about trends

What is in style for costumes changes every year, and what is popular each year is largely based upon what is trending in popular culture. However, the witch costume is believed to be the most popular costume.

Halloween generates a lot of money

It is estimated that Halloween generates more than 8 billion dollars each year, which is second among American holidays, trailing only Christmas. When considering all of the candy and costumes, it actually makes sense.

Being scared can be fun, especially for kids

A large part of the Halloween experience involves being scared, which adds to the overall excitement. Consider going to or taking your child to a haunted house this Halloween to make the most of the holiday.

The average American consumes over three pounds of candy a year

In other words, late October is a bad month to start a new diet. While three pounds may seem like a lot, Halloween candy is something almost everyone partakes in, including children and adults alike.

Halloween originated in Ireland

The first Halloween is believed to have started around 2000 years ago in Ireland. The fact that Halloween has lasted this long is a testament to the amount of excitement the holiday creates and how many people participate.

National candy corn day is October 30th

Candy corn is the most popular Halloween candy, and conveniently the national candy corn day is held one day before Halloween. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity and start snacking on the candy corn a day early this year.

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