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Gregory Goff

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Hello, I’m Gregory Goff and welcome to Middle Tennessee.  What are you looking for in a Realtor?  There are many things you should be looking for including knowledge, honesty and experience.

First let’s start with honesty.  If the Realtor is not honest, run!  You ask, how do you know if this Realtor is honest?  Search reviews for a Realtor you are speaking with.  Several good reviews are a great sign people have enjoyed working with this person.  If you find more than one or two negative reviews, you might want to consider another Realtor.  And remember, first impressions are lasting.  If you get a bad feeling when you first speak to someone, trust your gut!

Next would be knowledge.  Any Realtor today should have a good knowledge of their local market.  They also should have a good knowledge of the different types of real estate.  They should also know the real estate contract inside and out.  When you start looking online at properties, undoubtedly you will register on a website at some point and a Realtor will reach out to you.  The first question you should have for this Realtor is if they know the type of property you are looking for.  If you are looking at homes with land, does the Realtor have any experience selling properties that include acreage?  Do they have any knowledge of tests and inspections associated with acreage?  Do they know how to read a deed or survey?  You would be surprised how many Realtors can’t understand a survey or deed.  Same thing goes with homes in subdivisions.  Realtors should look for restrictive covenants or HOA information.  This could prevent you from buying a property you can’t use as you wish.

Third would be experience.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere and there are new Realtors who work really hard to learn their business.  However, the last few years the real estate market has been booming and everyone wants a real estate license.  They may not be able to spell your name, but they want a license!  Look for a Realtor who has experience in the market where you are searching.  Never ask a Realtor to drive 2 hours from their area because that market is probably going to be very different than the market they normally work.  Also look to make sure the Realtor has experience with past sales with the type of property you are looking for.  If a Realtor has 50 sales a year with homes in the city but no sales in rural areas, that Realtor isn’t going to know the rural market and the questions to ask.

Now you ask, why would you want to work with myself?  First, check my reviews on Zillow and my personal website at  They say it all.  Next, I strive to keep myself knowledgable on all the aspects of the real estate business in Middle Tennessee.  I sell land, farms, commercial properties and residential homes in neighborhoods.  I’ve lived in Middle Tennessee my entire life and travel extensively throughout the area.  When I became a Realtor in 2006, I made it a priority to learn as much as I could about the business and different types of properties.  I attended auction school in 2007 and obtained my auctioneer license and now manage our auction division with EXIT Realty.  My priority is to be a well rounded and smart agent that can answer questions correctly and honestly. In 2009 I signed on with EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates and quickly became one of the top agents in our office.  In 2017 and 2018 I earned the Top Producing Agent with over 110 agents in our office.  In 2019, I slipped to number 2.  I’ve accumulated over 500 transactions with EXIT Realty since 2009 and those include all different types of real estate.  Real estate is not about selling someone on a property, it’s about helping and guiding someone through a process of buying or selling in a real estate transaction.  

In closing, you may have noticed I used the word “Realtor” several times.  Next time you are speaking with a “Realtor” or real estate agent, ask them what the difference is between the two.  If they tell you they are the same, you might want to find someone else.  A Realtor is a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors that is held to a higher standard of ethics and is bound by that ethical code.  Now granted, they may be a Realtor, but that doesn’t mean you automatically trust and believe everything they tell you.  You be the judge and jury!  Be sure to view the video below and thank you for your time today.  

Sincerely, Gregory Goff - Realtor & Auctioneer

(615) 653-0080

Gregory Goff EXIT REALTY from Gregory Goff on Vimeo.

* Multi-Million dollar producing REALTOR with experience and knowledge of the Middle   Tennessee area.
* Experienced auctioneer.
* Using the latest real estate technology to provide smooth real estate transactions.
* Hometown service, nationwide exposure.


Awards & Designations

2018 Top 50 Agent for EXIT Realty Corp. International
2018 Top Producing Agent for Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Assoc.
2017 Top Producing Agent for Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Assoc.
2018 EXIT Corp. Silver Award
2017 EXIT Corp. Silver Award
2016 EXIT Corp. Sapphire Award for 250+ transactions
2016 EXIT Corp. Silver Award
2015 EXIT Corp. Silver Award
2014 EXIT Corp. Silver Award

Gregory Goff
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